We recruit, develop and advise leaders who create impact and drive change.

Nonprofit organizations occupy an increasingly central role in society, making the need for excellent and visionary boards and executive teams more important than ever. Public sector leaders face the challenge of becoming more effective and creative in the face of the growing demand and pressure on public funds.  

Our consultants have extensive experience with recruiting, developing and advising exceptional board members, CEOs and specific senior functional leadership for nonprofit organizations around the world. We also conduct in-depth organizational culture assessment and can measure the cultural fit of key leadership and candidates in the following areas:​Arts and Culture/Global Development and Environment/Higher Education/Nonprofit Health and Human Services/Public Sector/Social Justice and Advocacy/Trade and Professional Associations.

Breadth of Experience

We recruit, develop and advise exceptional and adaptable leaders who bring vision and passion to leading, mission-focused organizations.

Facing heightened resource constraints and greater focus on results and impact, nonprofit organizations increasingly look for diverse leaders from all over the world with the required passion and skills for meeting the growing demand of the nonprofit sector. Based on our well-established presence in the private sector, we are positioned to identify exceptional business leaders who have the credentials to succeed in mission-driven organizations.

Driving Change

We recruit, develop and advise creative leaders who are able to succeed in an environment of disruption and change.

As business models are evolving, organizations face the challenge of becoming more efficient and find that innovation and technology are playing an increasingly important role. Nonprofit organizations need to identify creative leaders with proven skills to leverage innovation and change, ultimately driving their organization’s mission.

Global Citizens

We promote inclusive growth and believe tackling poverty and reducing inequality are shared responsibilities.

We have partnered with Global Citizen​, an organization dedicated to helping fight extreme poverty and inequality around the world, in order to support the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. These issues matter deeply to our clients and to us. We work with leadership teams from the wo​rld’s leading commercial and nonprofit organizations to end extreme poverty and incentivize sustainable approaches in public, private and third sectors.​​