We recruit, develop and advise leaders who drive the engine of change.​​

Every company is a technology company—if it is not now, it will be. Technology is driving monumental change across organizations and is fundamentally changing their business models: Hardware companies are discovering new revenue streams in software; agricultural companies are digitizing their businesses; and legacy financial services institutions are transforming into virtual banks/mobile payment companies.

To help enterprises navigate organizational change, our cross-functional teams advise companies on talent strategy and help identify leaders driving these transformative changes. We work with clients across a broad range of industries and emerging technologies, including : Hardware and Electronics/Mobile and Communications/Software.

CEO and C-suite Succession at Technology Companies

Through decades of experience, our teams have developed a proprietary, comprehensive approach to senior executive assessment and succession planning and tailor each engagement to the client’s unique business, culture and strategy. We assess executives at technology companies large and small against core leadership competencies and attributes unique and necessary for success in the C-suite.

Managing Technology in the Boardroom

As the need for managing technology risks and opportunities across an enterprise continues to increase, boards will need to take a more proactive and informed stance on technology governance. To that end, our teams have deep capabilities in helping companies manage technology and information security risk through recruiting, developing and advising board members and CEOs, as well as improving board culture and director effectiveness.