Financial Services

We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can embrace new business models, boost the morale of their organization and address the heightened expectations of shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders.

​​​​Financial services is in the midst of a turbulent transformation. With the dust still settling post the global financial crisis and with digital disruption and an uncertain global economy, our clients are turning to us. We help them define successful strategies while recruiting, developing and advising the best overall bus​iness and back-office operational leadership teams that can respond to this rapidly changing environment, maintain a competitive advantage and adeptly face this “new normal.”

We have expertise in the following financial industries:​ Asset and Wealth Management/Consumer and Commercial/Financial Technology/Global Banking and Markets/Insurance/Real Estate.

The Board as a Strategic Asset

We help assess and build boards that are able to lead in the 21st century.

Regulation, continuing economic uncertainty, diversity of thinking, digital disruption, customer centricity and increased focus on executive compensation all are reshaping financial services boardrooms.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who encourage and capture innovation.

Innovation within any large institution is difficult, but in heavily regulated financial services firms, it particularly is challenging. Leaders who learn from market disruptors, monitor competitors, and create cultures and teams designed to innovate will offer companies the critical ability to stay relevant in the future.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who drive the digital agenda.

Given the business-wide implications of digital transformation, digital leadership is needed within multiple points across financial institutions. We work with colleagues across industries to find and bring clients best practices and digital talent.


We recruit, develop and advise leaders who can build best-in-class corporate functions.

We identify finance, risk, legal and compliance leaders who can serve as real business partners, help the business perform better and feed into an organization’s strategy.


We help organizations embrace the diversity agenda.

Financial services is making great advancements in driving the diversity agenda, and many of our clients are recognized for their efforts. We support their initiatives as their search partners and as advisors, providing them with market intelligence.​​