Energy and Natural Resources

We drive organizational success by finding the right leaders within the energy and natural resources industry.

​Energy and natural resources companies face many challenges but also opportunities in terms of technological change, geopolitics, globalization and urbanization. Now, more than ever, there is a need for outstanding boards and executive teams to define and execute successful strategies. 

BBT works with organizations to identify and develop future-ready executives, advises boards, and ensures thoughtful succession planning for CEOs and other senior functional leadership roles in the energy and natural resources industry. Our consultants leverage proven recruiting and in-depth assessment strategies to find the best candidates with leadership experience in: Mining and Metals/Oil and Gas/Utilities. 

Enhancing Board Performance Within the Energy and Natural Resource Industry

We help global industrial companies build effective boards and preserve board culture.

​Energy and natural resources board members are operating in an increasingly complex environment. Our board analysis is designed to advise boards on their collective competencies, as well as their evolving needs around specific strategic issues such as diversity and cybersecurity. ​

Driving Success through Diversity Recruiting

We help recruit leaders who bring diversity of thought to companies.

According to our proprietary analysis, diverse executive teams perform better than non-diverse boards. That’s why we view diversity as a vital part of business success, especially in the energy and natural resources industry. We focus on race, gender and ethnicity, as well as background and experiences—ensuring better decision making within the chemicals, materials and packaging, oil and gas, mining and metals, utilities and energy sectors.